Shut Up and Do It (C25k: W5D2)

Greetings from Cleveland!  I woke up this morning at my dad’s house in Cleveland.  I decided I would go ahead and attempt this run even though I was out of my “normal” running environment.

Dad has a treadmill, so after waking and hydrating a bit, I went to the basement to complete today’s program.  After a few minutes on his treadmill, I wasn’t feeling it, so decided to move my run outside.  It was about 50* after all, so it was a nice morning for it.

The program today was:
Warm up
Run 8 minutes
Walk 5 minutes
Run 8 minutes
Cool down

Dad lives in a nice, quiet neighborhood, though it’s not very big.  I had to stay in the neighborhood though, because the road he lives off of is a tad busy and I didn’t really want to risk getting run over this weekend.

The entire neighborhood is probably about 3/4 of a mile.  I think I ended up doing about 3 laps, so about 2 1/4 miles in 30 minutes.  I completed the first 8 minute run and was tired and out of breath.  My heart rate was around 185, so I knew my pace was a little fast (I have trouble pacing outside), but all in all I was feeling OK.

I walked the 5 minutes and then started to run the 8 minutes.  That’s when the mind games started.  I told myself, just get to 4 minutes and then you can stop if you want…it’s good you came out on your mini vacation at all.  After a bit of this, I remembered a blog post I read the other day (unfortunately I searched and searched, but couldn’t find it again) talking about all the negative talk you tell yourself when running.  That’s when I decided to shut up and do it.  Just complete the run.  Yes, I was tired.  Yes, I was out of breath.  Yes, my heart rate was getting uncomfortably high.  But I thought of the feeling I would have when I was done.  And I love that feeling so I just ran.

The verdict?  Sometimes you just have to shut up and do it and you’ll thank yourself later.  I know (now) from experience.

Today’s Playlist (Let me know what you think of the playlist idea):
Harder to Breathe-Maroon 5
Brick by Boring Brick-Paramore
Luckie St.-Cartel
Right Now (Na Na Na)-Akon
I’d Do Anything-Simple Plan
Don’t Lie-Black Eyed Peas

What do you tell yourself to push yourself forward when all you want to do is quit?


7 thoughts on “Shut Up and Do It (C25k: W5D2)

  1. Ah I wish I knew you were in Cleveland! But we can always meet up in Cbus too 🙂
    I always think about how I’m going to feel when the run is over if I’m having a hard time too. What’s even better is thinking about how you’re going to feel once you cross the finish line at your goal race!

  2. Awesome job!! When I feel like quitting I try to get out of my head and focus on everything around me; I pay attention to my form and every move my body is making. I am thankful that my body is strong and healthy and that I am able to run. Also, I tell myself that the faster I go, the sooner I will be finished 🙂

    If all of this fails, I take a walk break. There is no shame in that. 🙂

    (I like the playlists, but I already told you that)

  3. You are so not the only one who tries to talk herself out of running. I seem to finally be able to consistenly run about three miles. Too bad I need to run about 13.1 in less than five weeks. What was I thinking?

    Maybe once school is over and I move back to Cinci we can plan on doing a 5 or 10k together. FYI: I am not a fast runner and probably couldn’t hold a conversation during a run. hahahaha.

    Hope all is well. Keep up the blog. Great idea. I will try and keep up with it.

  4. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and completed C25K: Week 8! And sometimes what keeps me going when I’m just not having it is….the quicker I go the quicker I’m done 🙂

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