C25k: W4D3

I was not going to run today.  No way.  No how.  Couldn’t pay me to run today.  I woke up with my back in knots (I’m thinking from Zumba last night for some reason).  I was sore, I had a headache, and I was just plain feeling lazy.

Then I read a comment a reader had posted on a previous blog post.  He said he was interested to see how my running would progress.  For some reason, this comment lit a fire under my ass.  I’m not sure why or how, but I immediately got up from the couch, changed into my running clothes, and headed out the door to the gym.

In my previous post, I decided I was going to stick to running on the treadmill because it was easier for me and, since I’m just teaching myself to run, I figure going the easier route is OK for now.  Once I feel a little stronger, I will venture outside, but for now my home is on the treadmill.

I got to the gym feeling with a mixture of confidence and trepidation.  I knew I could do this.  I’d done it before.  This was not my first time at the rodeo.  BUT after the last run I had, I was nervous this run would result the same way.

I am delighted to say today’s run was FABULOUS!  Yes, I was tired towards the end of the 5 minute runs.  Yes, my side and knees hurt a little.  But, YES, I finished the run and I finished STRONG!  I could probably have kept going, but I didn’t have any more time.  I have to be at work in an hour and I haven’t showered yet.  Whoops!

My point of this post is to thank those of you who give me that little push when I need it.  You have no idea the effect your words and comments can have.  In fact, a similar situation happened a few months back where my friend, Heather, gave me a little nudge to get me out the door.  Just know that every comment I receive is greatly appreciated and it can make a world of different between choosing the couch or the treadmill.  Thanks, guys!

Something New!
I’ve decided to start posting my playlists for my runs in case there are more people like me out there who get motivated by great music.  If you have more suggestions for me, please share!  Thanks!

“Breakout”-Foo Fighters
“Faint”-Linkin Park
“Breaking the Habit”-Linkin Park
“Sonny”-New Found Glory
“That’s What You Get”-Paramore
“Everybody”-Ingrid Michaelson (Cooldown)

**I have a “Running” playlist that is supposed to shuffle, but for some reason when I hit the shuffle button, my iPod ignores me, thus resulting in me listening to the same artists over and over.  🙂


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