Birthday Weekend, Part 1

Man, it has been such a busy week!  I have had so many things to talk about and so little time to do it.

Rewind to Thursday, August 12th.  Jeff got tickets from his work for a Dayton Dragons baseball game.
We invited our friends, Chrissy and Jason, to join us at the game.
The night was spent chit chatting, cheering on the Dragons, and best of all EATING!  You can’t go to a baseball game and not get at least a little bit of junk food.  I opted for some cotton candy.  Who doesn’t love cotton candy?

We also had a few beers.  Everyone was so shocked when I ordered a beer as I’m not typically a beer drinker.  There’s nothing like an ice cold beer on a hot, summer night, though, right?
Jason also bought Chrissy a funnel cake, which we all shared.  Some of us got a little more sugar than we bargained for though…
It was a great night though.  We all had a lot of fun.

I love these people!
The next day, Chrissy and I met at the Greene to eat lunch at Potbelly Sandwich Works and do a little birthday weekend shopping.
I ordered a Hammie, which is a smoked ham and swiss sandwich on a thin roll, with BBQ chips on the side.  It was pretty tasty, though next time I’m going to skip the hot peppers I asked for.  Too hot!
I was at the Greene that morning to get my hair cut and hilighted.  I love the girl I go to.  She always makes my hair so curly and pretty!
I love the Greene.  It’s such a great place to spend an afternoon.  I am a big fan of the outdoors.  And of shopping.  Put them together and I’m in heaven!
That night, I asked Jeff to take me to Five Guys.  One of my favorite meals is a cheeseburger, and I told him I had to have a good one on my birthday weekend.
I ordered a Little Bacon Cheeseburger (my norm) with lettuce, onions, and A1 sauce.
You can’t have a burger without fries, right?

More to come on this restaurant in a future post.Saturday was spent at the lake.  That is a post in itself though, so stay tuned!Yep…that’s rain.
Hope everyone is having a great week!


One thought on “Birthday Weekend, Part 1

  1. Bethany, I love your stories with pictures. You are so creative and have a way with words. Too bad we didn’t do the same when you and Jeff visited Texas. Love you, the Mom

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