C25K: W3D1

I jumped on week 3 of the Couch to 5k training program today.  This week, I am supposed to complete the following routine:

Run: 1.5 minutes
Walk: 1.5 minutes
Run: 3 minutes
Walk: 3 minutes

When I just follow this routine and go through it once, I finish at about 26 minutes.  Not a great time, but I’m not working on time yet.  I’m working on endurance.  Today, as I have been the past couple weeks, I felt great so I kept going.  I ended up going through the routine twice, upping the incline on the second set of run/walks.  I finished by walking uphill at 7.5% and 4 mph.  What a great workout!

My total distance was 3.2 miles and I burned about 425 calories (per my HRM).  I think it’s amazing how a great workout can give you energy and motivation for the rest of the day.  I’m working on laundry now, and then heading to the pool to do a little sunbathing with Chrissy and then going to a Dayton Dragons game with her, her boyfriend Jason, and Jeff.

What exercise do you do that really gets your heart pumping?


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