Weight Loss and Monthly Ingredients Challenges

Last year around this time, my best friend, Carolyn, and I decided we were unhappy with our weights.  To remedy this, we decided to do a Biggest Loser inspired challenge.  Well, it’s less of a challenge and more of an accountability type thing.  Each Monday we email each other our weights, the amount we gained or lost, and a little blurb about how we felt, goals we want to achieve in the coming weeks, or various other tidbits from the weeks before.

We have been doing this off and on for over a year.  To keep the game exciting, we have added an element of creativity to the mix.  Each month, we pick a few ingredients with which we’d like to experiment.  We research recipes and cook as many as we like.  At the end of the month, we compare lists and suggest different ideas from said recipes.  Or at least that’s the plan….

Last month, the ingredient was quinoa.  I picked quinoa because it is something many people on the food blogs talk about, yet it was something I had never played with before.  I was so pumped to try it out.  Wanna know how many recipes I made in July?  Zero.  Yep, just call me a slacker.  I’m not real sure why I failed, but I did.  In fact, the original plan for the challenge was to use a new ingredient each week.  We kept pushing it back and pushing it back because I couldn’t work quinoa into my meal plan.

After some discussion, we agreed one ingredient a week was a little rough.  Instead, we chose to do at least one ingredient per month.  This month, we have chosen green beans and basil.  Green beans are in season through August, so better to experiment with something before it’s season runs out.  As for basil, well, I have a HUGE basil plant I have to use up.  Do I smell pesto?

I have yet to make a recipe with either ingredient, but I do have a Garlic Green Bean recipe written on my meal planner.  Stay tuned for results!


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