Great Discovery

I love looking at nice houses.  I always have.  I’m my father’s daughter in that aspect.  Since Jeff and I own our own house now, I am constantly looking at other houses to get ideas for our own.  We both love the looks of million dollar houses, but we obviously can’t afford anything like that.  We would like to achieve the same look, just scaled down a bit.

The other morning Jeff and I went out for a long walk and discovered a great neighborhood tucked way back behind a different neighborhood.  The houses here are easily million dollar homes.  They are amazing!  From my house to that neighborhood, through the whole thing, and back is 5.25 miles.  It’s a long distance, but if I can get out of my house early enough to do it, it’s a great workout.

Starting today I’m going to try to walk a little bit every day.  Some days I’ll walk 5 miles, other days I may only walk 2, but getting outside and getting moving is something that has to happen.


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