Time to Make a Change

It has been almost two months since I last sat down in front of my computer to do a blog.  No good.  I have decided today I will be making some changes in my life.  The weather is getting warmer outside, which means grilling season is back.  As I was looking over my Calorie King entries from last fall (when I lost all my weight) I noticed a trend.  We had some sort of marinated, grilled meat every two or three days with a vegetable or two on the side.  I’m going back to that. 

I have decided I will keep marinated meat in the freezer and pull one out the night before work.  That way it will be ready to go when I get home at night.  In fact, maybe I can convince Jeff to take up grilling!  I have also decided that, instead of buying Lean Cuisine meals, I will be making my own.  I am going to take the meals we buy most often (pizza, spaghetti, etc) and make my own healthy version.  I can control the ingredients I use AND know exactly how nutritious they are.  We call these meals “B Cuisine” in my house.

I have also been slacking in the working out department.  Again, since it’s getting warmer outside, walking will be a great way to get out and get moving.  I love walking outside.  You get a little fresh air, you get to look at other people’s houses and get inspiration for your own, and it’s a little harder than walking on a treadmill so your legs get a better workout.  You can’t lose!  Well, unless it’s raining…

I hope by changing myself I will have an effect on others.  I hope people will join me in my cause to lose weight and get healthy.  I hope to have a nice bikini body by summer.  I hope…………..


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