Update on B

Hello, my fellow food lovers.  Yes, I know, it’s been weeks since my last post.  I have said this before and I’ll say it again…I’m trying to do better.  I have been cooking a decent amount, but I always forget to take pictures of my recipes!  I think this is why I haven’t been posting much.  So, to remedy that, I am just going to post my recipes without pictures for a while and then hopefully it will remind me to take the pictures as I’m cooking.

I have been on a major soup kick for the past month.  I used to think I didn’t like soup, or it didn’t make a filling meal, but I feel completely different now.  I love soup.  Soup and I have become best friends.  I am going to post a few soup recipes today that I tried last week and LOVE!

I have also been doing a lot of crock pot and casserole cooking.  I am ALWAYS looking for more recipes, so if you have any good ones, please pass them along.

On a non-food note, I am getting a baby niece today!  It is very exciting.  In fact, she should be here in less than an hour!  I am hoping to see baby Ashley tonight!  I can’t wait to meet her.  🙂

I hope you all are doing well!


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