Polar F6 HRM and First Day Back at Neo

Today was my first day back to my gym (NeoLimits) and it felt great!  Carolyn went to the gym one day over her Christmas break and she said she forgot how amazing it felt!  I notice a lot more energy tonight than I have in a while.  Right now, for instance, I am cooking dinner and planning some meals out for the week so I can get my grocery list together.  Jeff and I are going to head that way later tonight.  I was planning on going after the gym, but it was too crowded to go then.  Oh well.

Anyhow, two things happened at the gym today that surprised me in a good way.  OK, well there were three surprises, but only two of them are ones I really care about.

First, I need to explain a little something about my gym.  There are two entrances: one that goes directly into the gym (the front way) and one that opens up into a hallway that leads either to the gym or to the tanning salon (the back way).  I almost always go in the back way because I’m either going to the tanning salon or to the women’s locker room, which is at the end of the hallway but before the actual gym.  The end of the hallway (before the locker room) has a table set up with a scanner that scans your membership card.  Most of the time I just bypass this because it never opened a door or anything, so I thought it was pointless.  I just walked right in.  I mean, it’s not like I’m sneaking in or anything…I’m just lazy and don’t want to dig through my purse to find my keys.  Well, today I noticed they had installed a door between the scanner table and the locker room/gym/etc.  I guess people had been sneaking in a lot.  Crazy.  Wanna hear a funny thing?  For a while (about four months) I was using this entrance and not scanning my barcode and then one day I realized they had not been charging my credit card.  I was using the gym illegally!  8oP  Whoops!

OK, so that was my first surprise but the one that didn’t much matter to me because I’m not sneaking in the gym.  The second and third things involved my new heart rate monitor (or HRM).  When I got on the treadmill, I played with my HRM, turned it on, checked it out and all that, and then began my workout.  About five minutes into the workout, I realized my treadmill had a heart rate on it and I wasn’t touching the silver electrode panels.  What’s this?  Is my HRM sending a signal to the treadmill and giving me an accurate reading?  I quickly texted Carolyn (yes, I took my phone onto the treadmill with me) to double check and she confirmed my suspicions.  How cool!!!

My third surprise followed soon after.  The whole point (or about 95% of the point) of me getting an HRM was to accurately measure my amount of calories burned so I can put them into Calorie King and get a correct balance of calories, thus improving my weight loss.  I checked my watch (part of the HRM) for a readout a couple minutes in and compared it to the treadmill…so far so good.  Then a few minutes later, I checked again.  My watch said one thing and the treadmill said a different number a significant amount off.  I always assumed my treadmill was rounding up (i.e. when it said I burned 200 calories, I really burned 150 or something like that).  Well…I WAS WRONG!  Yay!!!  Today my treadmill said I burned 215 but my HRM said I burned 307!  How’s that for a great surprise!

All in all, today was a good day.  It started off kind of crappy at work, but I got back on track with my diet, got in a workout (in which I ran over 1/2 of it), am making a healthy, yummy dinner, and am getting my energy back!  2010 is gonna be great!!!


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