Quick Tip #2

Jeff and I eat a lot of lunch meat.  We eat have about 2 oz of Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Ham (or turkey or roast beef) each day in our lunch.  That’s 4-5 sanwiches per 9 oz package so we go through at least two packages a week.  I can find them on sale a lot at Kroger, and when I do I stock up. 

I have probably 10 packages of meat in my freezer.  The only bad part about freezing lunch meat is since it’s mostly water, when it thaws it is a lot juicier than it once was. 

Great for chicken, bad for lunch meat.

After I thaw the meat, I line a plastic container with a couple folded paper towels on the bottom, add the lunch meat, and top with another couple folded paper towels.  Cover with the container lid and stick in the fridge.  The next day when I go to make the sandwiches, the excess moisture has been captured by the paper towels.



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