My Go To Meal

One thing you must know about me is that I.Love.Chicken.
Well, ok, I love all meat, but chicken is so good for you and has so many applications how can you not love it?  Wanna know something funny?  Jeff told me he didn’t like chicken when we first met.  WHAT?!?!  Crazy.  Now this boy eats chicken almost nightly for dinner.
The easiest way for me to prepare chicken is by using one of the bazillion marinades Lawry’s (or Kroger) offers.  All I do is put a package of chicken (either breasts or thighs) in a Ziploc container, pour in the marinade, and let the chicken get happy.  After about 30 minutes (or up to two days!), I throw the chicken on the grill and cook until done.
There are a couple tips and tricks I have for you, of course:
First, I typically get the Kroger brand because it’s cheaper.  If the Lawry’s brand is the same price or if I see a flavor not offered in the Kroger brand I would like to try, I buy Lawry’s.  But really, they taste identical.
Second, I prefer using a Ziploc container (I like the ones with the screw on lids) as opposed to a baggie because I can take the container out to the grill, put the meat on the grill, and then stand my tongs up in the container.  I used to use a bag and leave it outside with my tongs in it, but then the marinade would get all over my grill.  This way I have a place for my tongs and I don’t get chicken juice and sauce everywhere.  Genius.
Third, this meal is great any time of the year.  Can’t grill your meat outside?  Cook it in a 400º oven for about 20 minutes.  The marinades typically have some sugar in them, so if you have a Silpat (nonstick mat) this is the perfect time to use it.  Otherwise, just grease up your cookie sheet with some nonstick cooking spray.  This also works in a pan on the stove, but the marinade tends to burn easier, so I usually stick with the oven.
Finally, the marinade is great on all meat!  I have tried chicken, pork, and beef.  Our favorite is boneless, skinless chicken thighs.  Mmmm mmmm good.  I will one day try it on shrimp, but since Jeff doesn’t eat shrimp I haven’t yet.
Some of my favorite flavors include:
Caribbean Jerk (my absolute, all time, yummiest, bestest, greatest choice)-This is great for entertaining. It is so quick and easy and everyone loves it.  Every time I make it people rave about how good it is.  My mom kept going on and on about how great the chicken was when she came to visit.

Buffalo BBQ-Great for making fake out Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches.  Just marinate and grill/bake as directed above, slap on some ranch dressing and throw on a toasted hamburger bun and you got yourself a spicy, lighter version of the bar favorite.
Hawaiian (come on, it’s me…you knew I was gonna say this one)-This would be great for making kabobs!  Chicken, pineapple, red onion, yellow peppers…I can hear the ukelele already.  Ooh!  And a great side dish would be pineapple risotto.
Sesame Ginger-Obviously an Asian inspired marinade.  Goes great in stir fry!
Steak and Chop-This one is wonderful on pork chops.  The molasses in this marinade gives the pork a yummy, caramelly flavor that you just can’t beat!

I hope you all enjoy these marinades as much as I do.  Whenever I come home from a long day and really don’t want to spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen, I use one of these.  Jeff and I both love them and there are so many flavors you are sure to find one or two you and your family love!

I sound like a walking Lawry’s billboard.


3 thoughts on “My Go To Meal

  1. Well, I don't have an ACTUAL recipe for pineapple risotto, but I would just make a basic recipe using canned pineapple juice for the liquid instead of chicken broth or water. I would also dice up some of the canned pineapple pretty small and throw it in at the end. Maybe even some toasted coconut or a little honey for sweetness (if I was going that direction). Possibly some lemon zest. Not sure. Maybe I'll have to make it and tell you what I did!

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