Grocery Gripe

Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with the grocery store?  I am a foodie and I love most things, therefore going to the grocery store to look around is fun for me.  You know what’s not fun?  Going to the grocery store in order to buy things for a week’s worth of dinners and not knowing what to get. 

I’ve done this a multitude of ways…I’ve made a list of meals I will make throughout the week, complete with sides and exactly which days to make what.  I’ve gone with a list of possible dishes that might work for the week and then look to see what’s on sale and go from there.  I’ve also gone without a game plan and just picked up things at random.  PS…the last one really doesn’t work.  I end up getting four packs of chicken breasts and a potato.  Now I know you can do a million things with potatoes, but do you really think you can stretch a potato out to last four meals? 

My ideal way to grocery shop is to go every day and get exactly what I want to eat for that night, but with my busy schedule and the fact that I hate the Kroger by my work does not lend itself easily to this option. 

I also tend to forget those items that I told myself not to forget earlier in the week.  I have started keeping a tab on the counter in my kitchen to write down exactly what I need to replenish, but this does not help with the figuring out what to make for dinner each night task.

I created a spreadsheet to help me plan my dinner attack, but that lasted for about 2 months and then went out the window.  I would really love to be a OAMC (once a month cooking) gal, but I also want to eat healthy and most recipes out there are not healthy.  I should really develop my own cookbook:  “Once a Month Cooking To Keep You Sane…And Thin!”  Would you buy that cookbook?

Anyhow, this blog post is extremely random but that’s how I feel about grocery shopping!  It’s so random.  Some days I’m really in the mood to shop.  I go in, lists in hand, and feel so accomplished when I see my fully stocked pantry and refrigerator.  Other days, like today, I feel like I spend a ton of money and got nothing because I was not prepared.  In time I will figure things out.  I just hope it’s before those little kiddies arrive!


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