New Things To Try

I love fall.  Fall reminds me of baking and baking reminds me of breads, cakes, cookies, brownies, etc.  Of course since I’m changing my “lifestyle”, I need to find ways to have these treats and still maintain the set amount of calories I allow myself per day.

I have a few recipes I want to try including a pretty healthy banana bread and a hopefully yummy rendition of my favorite meatloaf.  I will post any new recipes (or old recipes for that matter) that I try and my thoughts on them.  If you have any great, low calorie recipes (baking type or otherwise) please share!

One thing one of the girls at work shared with me was a yummy-sounding twist on a dessert.  She takes fresh berries and sprinkles a tablespoon or two (not sure of the exact amount) of vanilla pudding powder on top.  Then she mixes it around and tops it with a little whipped cream.  If this turns out to be good, the possibilites are endless!  Strawberries w/chocolate pudding, bananas w/chocolate or butterscotch pudding, etc!  You could even add a little chocolate syrup to the mix.  Mmmm.  I will have to get some fruit and pudding at the store today.  I’m gonna go with the sugar free variety so I save even more calories and of course fat free whipped cream.  Check back for results!

As I said, I’m always looking for new foods and recipes to try, so please feel free to leave a comment sharing your favorite recipes.  🙂


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