"Cook Yourself Thin" rant

I recently started watching “Cook Yourself Thin” on LMN to get some good tips on how to cut calories out of recipes I love. Of course, being best friends with a dietician I know pretty much all these tips already. Not only that, these girls have good intentions, but I feel like they are setting some of the women on the show for failure.

For example, the first episode I watched was about soul food. They took Mac & Cheese, Cornbread & Greens, and Red Velvet Cupcakes and slimmed them down. They start out the show asking the girls what their ideal weight is and this chicka said 135. Their theory is 135 x 10=1350 calories per day to reach your goal weight. Then they proceeded to change the recipes above so they equalled about 1200 or so. Now, if I’m the lady they are helping, I’m screwed because, yeah, they saved me a bunch of calories, but if I’m eating mac & cheese, cornbread, greens, and cupcakes for one meal, I’d have to eat celery and carrots for the other two meals.

The hosts say nothing about spreading out your calories throughout the day or that, while they take a recipe from 900 calories to 450 calories, it’s still 450 calories for one item! I try to keep my meals around 300-400 calories and that’s with two or three items to eat, not just one. I just feel that if you don’t have enough health education, you would look at this program and think, “OK, I can make this whole meal and eat it all and still have breakfast and lunch.”
Maybe that’s just me. I would love to see change in America with lower caloric intake and higher exercise rates. Decreased childhood obesity would be a big bonus. I think this program has good intentions but I would tweak it a little if I could. :/


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