My Hair Saga

**Disclaimer: I apologize for the spacing in advance. Blogger is being stupid.**
Part One: My Curly Haired Mop I Call Hair

I have had hair issues for as long as I could remember. They have changed over the years, but there have been issues nontheless. When I was in high school, I had this horrible curly/straight thing going on before my sister taught me how to blowdry my hair and I was introduced to a straightening iron. I remember when I found the iron I thought it was going to change my life forever and my hair problems would be O.V.E.R. I was half right.
I have tried multiple irons over the years thinking they all worked fine. Then one day, I was at my friend, Jennifer’s, house and she let me use her roommates Chi. I was in love. I got one a couple months later for Christmas. A-mazing.
OK, so my straightening issues were taken care of…or so I thought. My friend, Chrissy, always had beautifully straight hair and I did not know how she did it. Finally, for my bachelorette party in Nashville, she showed me how she did it. YAY! Now my issues were over for good.
Part Two: Hilitin’ Addict
For my wedding, my sister offered to get me a HUGE discount on getting my hair hilited. I was so excited because I had never gotten my hair professionally colored ever. After he got through I was in shock because my hair was so light! I have had dark brown hair forever and he put almost blonde hilites in my hair. For a while I did not like it. It was SO different! But after I colored it back to my dull, dark brown, I looked at wedding/honeymoon pictures and realized I really liked the color!
Now what was I gonna do? I didn’t really have the money to spend on getting my hair done professionally again, so I found a boxed hair color/hilite at Walgreens and tried my hand at doing my own hair. I had dyed my hair with a single color before so I figured if all else fails I’d just buy another box of color if the hilites looked really bad.
They looked great if I do say so myself! So for years I did my own hilites. Every 4-6 weeks, I would reapply and everyone always told me how much they liked my hair. When I told them I did it myself they were amazed! I was pretty proud of myself.
The only bad part about doing my own hair was that I would slack on getting my hair cut. Since I have long hair, I don’t notice I need to get it cut very often. Whenever I would think about getting it cut, I would usually be at work or some other place that didn’t allow me to leave right then and get it cut, so I would forget. For years I went to Supercuts because it was cheap and I was just getting a trim so it wasn’t uber important I go to someone with tons of cutting experience. So months and months…and months…would go by without me getting my hair cut. I think my record was like 11 months or something.
Finally, after such a long time, I decided that I needed to start going to a salon instead of a Supercuts so I could have a decent hair cut and then book my appointments that same day. This would give me no excuse for not getting my hair cut. I went it and boy almighty was I damaging my hair by putting that boxed color on it! My stylist said that if I hadn’t come in when I did, she would have had to cut a lot more hair off than she did. She only had to trim it, luckily, but she told me to stop using the boxed color immediately. I knew it wasn’t that good for you, but the way I was putting the hilites on my hair was exceptionally bad. I would put them on the same hairs over and over again, basically killing the hair and making it very brittle.
She told me to wait for 6 weeks and then she could put color on my hair if I wanted. Six LONG weeks went by (you could clearly see my roots for like 3 of the weeks) and then I joyfully went to get my hair professionally colored. Yay! I liked the color she did, but it wasn’t light enough for me. She also put some red in it, which I thought was pretty, but Jeff was not a fan. I decided the next time I went, I would get it much lighter and without the red. I like being “blonde” now I guess! ;o)
Yesterday I went to get my hair done. I took a few pictures of hilites I had given myself in the past to let her know exactly what I wanted. Chunkier and lighter is what we came up with. She colored me and then put a toner on my hair to give it more “brightness” or so she said. After I was all done, she chopped a couple inches off my hair and I was on my way. I. Love. It. It is a little bright right now because I just got it done yesterday, but I am much happier with this hair color!


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