Coffee and Ice Cream

I. Love. Coffee. Plain and simple. I don’t know how I got so addicted to this yummy beverage, but I could drink coffee any time of day. I really don’t drink it so much for the caffeine, but for the taste of it. I really hate that I have to use creamer though. It is the one drink I drink that has calories. I don’t drink alcohol often if ever. I don’t drink juice, smoothies, or milkshakes unless it’s a treat. All my beverages are calorie free (water, diet soda, etc). This is the one beverage I have to count in my calorie king total. It irritates me to no end. But what are you gonna do? I save around 100 calories for the early morning for coffee and another 100 calories for evening for my treat.

I have to have some sort of treat at night after dinner. I love ice cream too. Well, let’s be honest. I love all dessert…cookies, cakes, brownies (mmmm), ice cream, pudding. I find though that ice cream is the most satisfying. I like the Weight Watchers ice cream bars (especially the latte bars) and they are around 100 calories each so that works out perfectly. I am starting to “invent” new recipes for desserts around 100 calories so I will have more choices. Whatever I come up with I will be sure to post the recipes here.


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